About The Blogger

Hi there!

Just as a short introductory, my name is Celyx Lim and it is pronounced as
'Se: Lix: Lim'.
I know there's a lot of people having hard times pronouncing my name so yeah hahaha.

Looking at the collage above, yes, I am quite of a beauty addict. And also me-addict. HAHA. To me, fashion and beauty is one's way of expressing art on their own body.

*I'm trying to be less philosophical here but I guess I failed hahaha*

I'm a one-of-a-kind Sagittarius, blow my candles on every 21st December. Purely born and bred in Malaysia, I started having passion towards fashion designing at the age of nine. But it gradually faded when I was sixteen, realizing that I don't even know what to do with my life. But here I am right now, pursuing my Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication. Well, at least I really do enjoy the challenges Mass Comm could offer *cheh, macam yes*.

And oh, I have this super awesome part-time job that every girl wishes they could have too. Which is to be a PRINCESS. Hah. Jokes.

I can be quite funny at times, but only towards people who I'm really close with. Nyehehehe.

I really like photography, working out, BIGBANG, 2NE1, food, crop tops, Running Man, sleeping, beautifying myself, and motivating the inner me.

Picture above taken by yours sincerely.

(P/S: I'm sorry if it sucks but I'm improving my photography skills okay? Hahaha)