Xiaxue vs K-Pop Fandom: What You Need to Know About the Drama

by - 1:30 PM

Singaporean blogger, Wendy Cheng, or better known as 'Xiaxue', is notoriously known for her brutally honest remarks and often times finding herself in boiling situation. 

The fued started with Xiaxue being on the same flight with Monsta X (a Korean pop boy band) and realized fans were wailing and screaming at the airport - but she had no clue who they were. 

The renowned blogger caused a stir when she tweeted, "I didn't know who Monsta X is but when I google imaged them, I genuinely thought they were a group of trannies."

The saga continues when Xiaxue drops a series of bombs (in the form of tweets) further dissing Monsta X, BTS and EXO.

The distasteful tweets by Xiaxue has triggered responses from furious K-Pop fandoms around the world, until the extent of death threats involving the blogger itself and her family members.

With all the nasty comments made revolving between Xiaxue and the K-Pop fandom, the Singaporean blogger has definitely gained worldwide attention when she proudly announced to be the latest ambassador of Lexi Lyla, Singapore's local apparel brand founded by model slash blogger Dawn Yang. 

Oh, and another additional 3000 followers on her Twitter too.

What do you think about the ongoing fiasco? Will the drama continue to leverage Xiaxue to a larger stardom or drain her from the hectic blogosphere?

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