Fourspoons Dessert Cafe Review

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So today's post will be all about food - particularly, dessert

Friends who know me well would probably know that I am a sucker for dessert, especially pretty ones. I am the type of person who don't mind driving to McDonald's in the middle of the night just for the sake of an ice-cream cone AHAHA.

So, last week, my family and I were back in our hometown in Penang for Lunar New Year. My sweet tooth was itching so bad, I actually needed my sugar fix. Hence, we decided to drop by Fourspoons Dessert Cafe in Icon City, Bukit Mertajam.

Matcha Soft Serve from Fourspoons Dessert Cafe.

Location wise, I would say it's pretty easy to find as Icon City is just located opposite Auto-City. However, Fourspoons is located pretty much in the middle of the hub so a little 'exploring' is needed.

Not to fret about parking as there are quite ample parking spots available. I'm not so sure about the parking availability at night as there are quite a couple of restaurants and cafes, so it might be hard to find parking when it comes to dinner time. 

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Practically, this is how Fourspoons' exterior look like. Since its located at the upper level, patrons can easily walk up or take the elevator. 

I was there on a fine Wednesday noon, to be welcomed by a full-house attendance. But then again, it was Chinese New Year so that probably explains the overwhelming crowd. Or, I was expecting everyone to be 拜年-ing LOL. Anyway, we waited for about 20 minutes only to have a seating arrangement.

Our ordered list is as below:-
'Waffle with One Ice-Cream' (RM11.50), 
'Choco Banana Pancake' (RM18.90), 
'Hot Mocha' (RM9.90), 
'Iced Passion Honey Lemon' (RM7.90),
'Wildberries Sparkling' (RM9.90).

Again, another waiting game for our food was served about 20 minutes later? 

Waffle with one Ice-Cream.

Iced Passion Honey Lemon + Waffle with one Ice-Cream.

Hot Mocha.

That being said, service was nice and the crowd was huge so no complaints. However, food aesthetic wise, I wasn't expecting something so... plain? Hahaha. The food tasted average only, I would personally say that the price does not justify what I ate. Then again, its personal thoughts. For the price I paid, I could have easily gotten the Skyscraper Waffles and other delectable from Hail's Soft Serve @ Damansara Uptown. 

Choco Banana Pancake. Am I the only person who thinks that the chocolate garnishing is made unprofessionally? lol.

In terms of ambience, it's definitely chilling and a great atmosphere for catch-up sessions and what not. 

Summarised ratings are as below:-
Location: 4/5
Parking: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Price: 2/5

Is the dessert memorable? Personally, not really.

Will I make a second visit? Probably not. 

Looks like I'm about to hunt for new hot-spots when I'm back in Penang! Drop down some suggestions in the comment box below if you know any nice places to indulge. I appreciate honest feedbacks! :)

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