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Hello loves! I guess it’s hard to deny that appearance is very crucial, especially if you’re a lady. First impression do affects how people react and behave towards you, so why not make the first impression a good one? :D

As much as our facial features play an important role in making our first impression significant, I personally believe that our hair also contributes in scoring good looks as well! I get really, really, insecure whenever my hair feels so dry, flat and dull I’m not even kidding AHAHA.

To get healthy-looking, shiny locks for a long term, first of all, you must know how to treat and care for your hair. Unlike many shampoo in the market, Tsubaki is a premium hair care brand in Japan by Shiseido. It’s the only brand that has Camellia Oil as one of its exquisite ingredients. There are only two countries in this world that has this oil; China and Japan, where Japan has been providing the finest Camellia for 140 years.

Tsubaki, which is also written as つばきin Japanese, literally means Camellia Flower. They promise moisturized and shiny hair is achievable upon proper usage. I’ve received my Tsubaki Shining Hair Shampoo, Tsubaki Shining Hair Conditioner and Tsubaki Shining Hair Mask! :)


In this post, I’ll tell you lovelies how and why Tsubaki’s products can work! For a really long-lasting yet quality shine, Tsubaki believes that it has to start from the inner beauty and hence, Tsubaki’s Shining range series contains a melanin reparative ingredient which is also known as arginine.

This key ingredient is really crucial in giving our hair an internal shine property for arginine aids in repairing the melanin hole in our hair to allow light to be reflected evenly. Not only that, the signature ingredient of Tsubaki’s products; Camellia Oil, contains a shine sensor mechanism that provides an external shine to each strands of our hair; which dramatically improves hair shininess and smoothness, leaving our flocks shiny from the inside out.

This is me and my sad face and my sad hair because it is very dry, flat-looking, dull and super hard to manage *sobssss* And the fact that we live in the Equator - no four seasons but only sun and rain 24/7 – we are constantly exposed to UV rays which makes our hair extremely dry and easily damaged. Here’s a close-up pic of my sad hair *sobssss*


See what I mean? T_____________T

The most basic three-step hair care treatment:-
1. Shampoo
2. Condition
3. Treatment


Usually, I’d double wash my hair (yes, I shampoo my hair twice!) because the first wash is to remove any sort of oil and dirt from our hair surface whereas the second wash is where I really let the properties of the shampoo to be absorbed into my hair. But with Tsubaki, I only have to shampoo my hair once, because at the first wash itself, it manage to get rid of the oil entirely without making my hair extremely dry; hence no need for double wash.

Girls, I don’t trust you if you say you do not use hair conditioner at all. AHAHAHA.

Hair conditioning is really important for the hair to regain back its original structure and nutrients. Especially in Malaysia, our hair is continuously exposed to the extremely hot and humid weather which makes our hair gets super oily at the scalp, very dry at the tip and this might lead to breakouts and splits.

The final step is treatment. To me, this is that ONE step which is so so important that I never ever skip every single time I wash my hair. And I always bring my hair masque with me every single time I travel around because treatment is equally important in regaining back a shiny, healthy hair.


I’m currently using Tsubaki’s Head Spa range before I received this parcel from Tsubaki Malaysia. I personally am very contented with the Head Spa range hehehe. So this is my first time using Tsubaki’s Shining range. After my first complete three-step wash, I am extremely in love with the aftereffect! My hair feels soft, manageable and much more moisturized than before. You can also see the shine itself while you’re washing your hair! While having the conditioner or hair mask on, just slightly lift your hair and you can see that any light that hits on your hair will be reflected back which shows that Tsubaki Shining series really does work!

Unless if you’re bathing in a dark bathroom then no hahahaha :P

I also love the fragrance the Tsubaki Shining Shampoo itself carry, it wasn’t musky or anything too heavy, and the light fragrance lingers on your hair after wash. It made my hair feeling so much lighter and gave it a healthy shine from inside out!


My uber smooth and healthy-shine hair after wash! :D Here’s a close up pic of it hehe!


Compared to before, my hair isn’t that dry and frizzy anymore. You can also achieve shining hair like mine by following all the three steps using Tsubaki’s Shining range I’ve mentioned earlier :)

Frankly, I cannot think of any disadvantages about Tsubaki’s hair products because I’ve been using their products for almost half a year and I was already on my second purchase when I received this full set of Tsubaki Shining range. Come to think of it, I guess the main reason why I first bought Tsubaki is because of Kiko Mizuhara as their brand ambassador AHAHAHA. But ever since then I have not change to any other brands because the quality met my expectations.

One last pic, I promise hahahaha!


You can head over to any of the nearest outlets stated above to take a look at Tsubaki’s complete range and purchase yours! :)


Radiate that positive vibe and flaunt that shiny hair of yours confidently with Tsubaki.

For more info, kindly head over to Tsubaki Malaysia’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/tsubaki.my

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