[REVIEW] K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP Micro - Jet Black

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Hi guys!

So I am currently down with one exam paper and there's two more papers left. Ughhh I just wanna give up and cry in one corner( つ﹏╰) *sobs* But I can't really cry because crying won't help and its just gonna ruin my makeup. Thankfully, I found K-Palette!

Meet the newly improved eyeliner, 
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H, Waterproof (Micro) - Jet Black

Not only is the eyeliner waterproof and sweat-proof but it is also rated consistently as one of the top three selling eyeliners in Japan with 1 sold every 24 seconds!! Amazing right?!

What makes the eye line intact 24 hours per day

This K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner has all these great attributes:- 
                                                   ✔ waterproof film
                                                   ✔ super micro thin brush
                                                   ✔ fibre
                                                   ✔ high water-resistant polymer and molecule
                                                   ✔ unique conditioning formula 
Guaranteed to withstand Malaysia's melting humidity and punishing dryness of our air-conditioned interiors without the worse for wear.

Just look at its brush! Doesn't it look super thin? Yes it really is! It is a micro thin brush with only 0.05 mm thickness. Drawing thin eye lines or filling the gaps between lashes is now possible with the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP Micro in Jet Black!

This is how the eyeliner looks like. Want to know the result after applying? Keep reading! ᕙ( ^ₒ^ c)

So this was written on the liquid eyeliner itself and I was wondering, can this eyeliner really draw delicate lines? And as I opened the cap...

Can you guys see its tip? It was really very thin omggg! And I couldn't help but immediately test it out. I drew several lines on my hand and these are the results:

1. One stroke
2. Two strokes
3. Five to six strokes 

Incredible right?! One stroke was super thin and its deep black as well. With a thin point, this means achieving the winged eyeliner look is now possible! 

So let's start drawing~ Oh wait, below is a clearer picture of me before I started drawing K-Palette's Real Lasting Eyeliner (✿◠‿◠)

The only thing I had on my face was a pair of false eyelashes and no eyeliner nor mascara at all. I  didn't even did my eyebrows lollllll.

And so, I started drawing using K-Palette's eyeliner. The eyeliner glides smoothly on my skin and has this deep jet black color. Not only that, I managed to do the winged eye look! Extra points - kaching~!

Can you seeeeee the winged part at the end of my eyeeeeee? (─‿‿─)

Here's a close-up of my eyes:

This close-up picture somehow reminds me of XiaXue. LOLLLL I know I very syok sendiri HAAHAHHA.

But can you see the end of the eye-line I drew? It was thin and makes my eye look more defined and elongated. I only draw my left eye and my right eye was kept undone. So here's a comparison of my left and right eye:

Okay, HOLD UP. I actually draw my left eye but because I was using my phone's front camera so it is kinda inverted and it looks like right eye instead. Ughhh this is confusing. Never mind, the after effect was just so obvious! Look at the picture below!

The eye where I drew using K-Palette's eyeliner looks much more defined and vivacious doesn't it? And so, without further ado, I completed the other eye as well ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

I even did my eyebrows and lip make-up to see how the overall look looks like. Sorry ah, please forgive my untamed hair looooooool. I actually had braids on my hair when I went to college and after I release it, my hair turn into some sort of Maggi Mee or IndoMee AHAHA.


This look is actually inspired by my favourite ulzzang, Song Ah Ri, hence the winged eyeliner and nude lippie. Just a tip, after applying K-Palette's Real Lasting Eyeliner, use a white/silver eyeliner and draw on your lower lash line for the big-eye effect :)

Nahh one blur picture for you all HAHAH. And this eyeliner also looks good even if you skip the false lashes! Here's one selca of me without false eyelashes and only the eyeliner:

You guys can head over to K-Palette's Facebook for further information on the eyeliner and other products that they are selling (✿◠‿◠)

This Real Lasting Eyeliner is also available at selected SaSa stores in Malaysia.


Don't forget to follow my Instagram (Username: @celyxlim) to check out more pictures on this eyeliner. That's it for today and thanks for reading! *\(^O^)/*

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  1. Can I know how much is the eyeliner? Thanks :DD

    1. Hello there. This eyeliner cost RM55.90 if I'm not mistaken :D

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  5. omg, I definitely want to look into it! I've been looking for the perfect waterproof eyeliner ~
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    1. Hello Cherry Jade.

      Thank you very much for the compliment :)
      Yes, this waterproof eyeliner is durable and I love how I could always make a winged look out of it. Thanks for commenting!

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